Rijk Tulbagh Private School intends to prepare its learners for the challenges of life by delivering affordable, quality education in a safe and happy environment. We wish to develop our learners into well-rounded citizens with a positive self-image.


Rijk Tulbagh Private School is therefore committed to:

  1. Employing highly qualified, enthusiastic staff capable of delivering quality education.
  2. Offering a broad-spectrum curriculum, abreast of modern technological developments, in the free-thinking Christian tradition.
  3. Offering dual-medium tuition designed to inculcate bilingualism.
  4. Keeping class size down to less than 20 to ensure a high degree of individual attention.
  5. Striving to provide the best possible facilities to create an environment conducive to the realisation of individual potential across the board.
  6. Non-discriminatory practice on the grounds of race or religion.