Rijk Tulbagh is a monument to and evidence of what can be achieved if a community works together to realise their dreams for their children.

Concern over the unfavourable ratio of learners to teachers in state schools led a group of parents in the Tulbagh area to form a Section 18A organisation in 2004. Rijk Tulbagh Private School opened its doors on 19 January 2005, with 70 learners and five teachers. In 2018, learners number over a hundred.

The school is named after Rijk Tulbagh, governor of the Cape Colony from 1751 to 1771. He was of an intellectual and benevolent disposition and did much to improve the quality of life of children. The town itself is also named after him.

The school’s emblem was designed by Valery Underhay and Dawid Theron. The gable at the top of the emblem symbolises the original school building in Church Street. The emblem also represents new growth and progress, the fruit farming valley, the future and technology. Our school’s motto is Reach out, which we strive to fulfil through various outreach projects. The school anthem was written and composed by Pieter van Helslandt du Plessis, a music student at Stellenbosch University at the time. The anthem was sung for the first time on 24 June 2005.

We gratefully acknowledge all those who over the years have contributed in any way to the growth and development of our school. It would not have been possible without you.